C. pallescens, Hook., Fl. II., 226, (1840.) C. abbreviata, Boott, Linn. Trans. XX., 141,

(1845.) Abundant in many parts of western Manitoba, growing in clumps, and having the general appearance of C. pallescens, but easily distin-guished by its strongly nerved perigynium. Specimens from Portage la Prairie, Totogan, Grand Valley, Brandon, and File Hills, Man. (Macoun.) Souris River, and Turtle Mountain, Man. (Burgess. Millman.) Carleton House, on the Saskatchewan. (Hooker, Fl)

(2631.) C. pallescens, Linn. Sp. PL 977, (1753.)

C. undulata, Kunze, Suppl. Riedgr. 23.

C. pallescens, var. undulata, Gray, Man. Ed. V., 587, (1868.)

Quite common in damp meadows at Truro, Halifax, and Annapolis, N.S. (Macoun & Burgess.) Pictou Co., N.S. (McKay.') Bass River, Kent Co.; Aroostook Falls, and Carleton Co., N.B. (Fowler, Cat.} Dalhousie, N.B.; and Ottawa, Ont. (Fletcher.) Meadows, Gaspé Basin, Gaspé Co., Q.; very abundant in meadows in the rear of St. Mary's Village, Sault Ste. Marie. (Macouri)

(2632.) C. conoidea, Schkuhr. Riedgr. Nachtr. 67, (1806); Pursh, Fl I., 43, (1814); Hook., Fl II., 226.

C. granularioides, Schweinitz, An. Tab. (1823.) C. tetanica, Schwein. & Torr., Cyp. 347, (1836.) C. Illinoenesis, Dew. Sill. Journ., (2d. Ser.) VI., 245, (1848.)

Damp meadows at Annapolis, and Halifax, N.S. (Macoun & Burgess.) St. Stephen, N.B. ( Vroom.) Belleisle, N.B. (Brittain.) Wet meadows, close to the Ferry House, opposite Belleville, Ont., and in pastures east of that city. (Macoun.)

(2633.) C. grisea, Wahl. Köngl. Acad. Handl. XXIV., 154, (1802.).

C. laxiflora, Schkuhr, Riedgr. Nachtr. 69, (L805.)

C. grisea, var. minor, Olney, Hall's Pl. Tex. 26, (1873.)

Apparently rare in Canada, only observed in south-western Ontario. Damp thickets, Port Dover Junction, Elgin Co., Ont. (Macoun.)

(2634.) C. oligocarpa, Schkuhr, Riedgr. Nachtr. 67, (1805.)

C. subuniflora, Steud. Cyper. Plant, 234, (1855.)

C. oligocarpa, var. Sartwelliana, Dew. Sill. Journ. (2d. Ser.) V., 176,(1848.)

Not rape on exposed, grassy hillsides, near the shores of Lakes Ontario and Erie; rocky hill near Picton, Prince Edward Co.; open woods, above Port Hope, Ont; also along Lake Erie, near Fingal, Ont. (Macoun,) Vicinity of Ottawa; rare. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Belleisle, and Petitcodiac; Long Island, in the Kennebeccasis, N.B. (Brittam.) It is probable that all Brittain's specimens are G. conoidea, as those gathered at Belleisle, now in our herbarium, are of that species. (Macoun.)

(2635.) C. Hitchcockiana, Dew. Sill. Journ. X. 274, (1826.)

C. oligocarpa, var. major, Torr. Bot. N. York II., 406, (1843.) Rocky woods, apparently rare in Ontario, but more northern than the preceding species. Vicinity of Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) In half cleared lands, Kennebec, Addington Co.; Huntingdon, Hastings Co.; and Seymour, Northumberland Co., Ont.; Port Stanley, and Fin-gal, Elgin Co., Ont. (Macoun.)

(2636.) C. laxiflora, Lamarck, Dict, de Bot, III., 392, (1789);. Hook., Fl. II., 226.

C. striatula, Michx., Fl. I., 173, (1803.) C. anceps, Schwein. & Torr. Car. Mon. 343, in part, (1824.) C. ignota, Dew. Sill. Journ. VIII, 348, (1849.) As many collectors have not separated the varieties from each other, we place all references under the species, except where we have seen the specimens, or they have been separated by the collector. Newfoundland. (Reeks.) Several varities and forms of this exceedingly variable plant are found, but they have not been worked out. (Fowler, Cat.) Vicinity of Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Damp woods at Belleville, Ont.; also Amherstburgh, Lake Erie. (Macoun.) Woods near Hamilton, Ont. (Logie.) Neighborhood of London, Ont. (Burgess. Millman.) Quite common at Prescott, Ont. (Billings.)

Var. intermedia, Boott, Ill. 37.

C. heterosperma, Wahl. Köngl. Acad. Handl. XXIV., 151, (1802.)

C. anceps, Muhl.; Hook., Fl. II., 226, (1840.)

C. anceps, var. angustifolia, Dew., Wood's Bot. 423, (1845.)

C. laxiflora, var. blanda gracillirna, Boott, Ill. 38. Apparently our commonest form. Vicinity of Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Common in open woods, from Carleton Place westward through central Ontario to Amherstburgh, on Lake Erie, and northwesterly to Bed Bock, Lake Superior. (Macoun.) Vicinity of London, Ont. (Burgess. Millman.) Canada to Carleton House, on the Saskatchewan. (Hooker, Fl.)

Var. striatula, Carey, Gray, Man. Ed. II., 524, (1856.)

C. conoidea, Muhl. Descr. Gram. 248, (1817.)

C. blanda, Dew. Sill. Journ. X., 45, (1826.)

C. anceps, var. striatula, Carey, Gray, Man. Ed. I., 554, (1848.)

C. anceps, var. blanda, Hook., Fl. II., 226, (1840.) Not nearly so common as the preceding. Apparently more southern in its range. Newfoundland. (La Pylaie.) Stewart's Bush, and Billings Bridge, Ottawa. (Fletcher, Bl. Ott.) Not common in woods at Belleville, Ont.;. Queenston Heights, near Niagara Falls. (Macoun.)-Low woods, London, Ont. (Burgess. Millman.)

Var. atifolia, Boott, Ill. 38.

Rich woods, Sudbury Junction, C. P. Ry., Ont.; common in woods around Belleville, and westward through central Ontario to Port Stanley, and Amherstburgh, on Lake Erie. (Macoun.) Vicinity of Hamilton, Ont. (Logie.) Grassy woods, London, Ont. (Burgess. Millman.) Hull, near Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.)

Tar. patulifolia, Carey, Gray, Man. Ed. II., 524, (1856.)

C. plantaginea, Schkuhr, Riedgr. Nachtr. 65, (1805.) C. anceps, var. patulifolia, Dew. Wood's Bot. 423, (1845.) C. laxiflora, var. plantaginea, Boott, Ill. 37.

Only found on McNab's Island, in Halifax Harbor. Easily distinguished from var. latifolia by the almost total absence of nerves, and nearly straight beak of the perigynium. (Macoun.)

(2637.) C. Hendersoni, Bailey, Carex, Syn. 115, (1886.)

C. laxiflora, var. plantaginea, Olney, Proced. Am. Acad. (1872.) Easily distinguished from any form of C. laxiflora by its very large perigynium. The western representative of the Laxiflorae. Lower Fraser River, lat. 49°. (Dr. Lyall.) Not uncommon in open woods at Nanaimo, Qualicum, and Alberni, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)