(2569.) C. arida, Schweinitz & Torrey, Car. Mon. 312, (1824); Hook., Fl. II., 214.

C. scoparia, var. Muskingumensis, Tuckerman, Enum. Meth. 17, (1843.) C. Muskingumensis, Schweinitz, An. Tab. (1823.) Apparently rare in Canada. Wet thickets on the prairie, between. Point du Chien and Winnipeg, Man. (Macoun.)

(2570.) C. tribuloides, Wahl. Köngl. Acad. Handl. XXIV., 145, (1802.)

C. lagopodioides, Schk. (1806); Hook., Fl. II., 214; Pursh, Fl. L, 37.

C. scoparia, var. lagopodioides, Torr. Cyp. 394, (1836.)

C. lagopodioides var. composita, Olney, Exsicc. II., 10, (1870.)

Not uncommon in thickets, and near swamps. Flowering very late in the season and long after all forms of C. straminea. Bass River, Kent Co.; not rare at Salmon River, N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Campbell-ton, N.B. (Chalmers.) Muddy soil, Island of Orleans, Q. (St. Cyr.) Not rare at Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Common in thickets at Prescott, Ont. (Billings.) Vicinity of Hamilton, Ont. (Logie.) Abundant in central Ontario, and extending westward to Point Meuron, west of Lake Superior. (Macoun.) Cumberland House, Saskatchewan River. (Hooker, FL) Port Colborne, Lake Erie. (McGill Coll. Herb.)

Var. cristata, Bailey, Carex, Syn. 148, (1886.)

C. cristata, Schweintz, An. Tab. (1823.)

C. straminea, var. cristata, Tuckerman, Enum. Meth. 18, (1843.)

C. lagopodioides, var. cristata, Carey, Gray, Man. Ed. I., (1848.)

€. mirabilis, Dew. Sill. Journ. XXX., 63, (1836.)

C. Bebbii, Olney, Exsicc. II., 12, (1870.)

Much more abundant than the species. Lamp woods, Kingston, and Windsor, N.S. (Macoun.) Newfoundland. (Reeks.) Tobique River, N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Canoos River, N.B. ( Vroom.) Vicinity of Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Abundant throughout central Ontario, extending south-westward to Lake Erie, at Pelée Point and north-westerly to Flat Rock Portage, Nipigon River. (Macoun.) Michipicotin River, Ont. (R. Bell.) Low, wet meadows, near London, Ont. (Burgess. Milman.) Vicinity of Hamilton, Ont. (Logie.) Port Colborne, Lake Erie. (McGill Coll. Herb.) Lake Winnipeg to Cumberland House. (Hooker, Fl.)

Var. reducta, Bailey, Carex, Syn. 148, (1886.)

C. scoparia, var. moniliformis, Tuckerman, Enum. Meth. 18, (1843.) C. lagopodioides, var. moniliformis, Olney, Exsicc. II., 8, (1870).

Bass River, Kent Co., N.B. (Fowler, Cat.)

We distinguish the three varieties as follows: -

(1.) Spikelets numerous, generally in glomerate heads; perigynia mot recurved at the tips at maturity.

(2.) Spikelets fewer, more scattered, and the perigynia with recurved tips at maturity.

(3.) Spikelets small, very much scattered (moniliform), perigynia spreading, or recurved at the tip.

(257l.) C. scoparia, Sohk. (1801); Hook., Fl. II., 214; Pursh, Fl. I., 37.

C. scoparia var. minor, Boott. Ill. 116.

C. lagopodioides, var. scoparia, Boeckeler, Linnsea XXXIX., 114, (1875.)

C. leporina, Michx., Fl. L, 170, (1803.)

Abundant in meadows and borders of woods. Newfoundland. (Reeks.) Truro, Windsor, Kingston, and Annapolis, N.S. (Macoun.) Meadows, Glenelg, Guysboro Co., N.S. (Faribault.) Near North Sydney, Cape Breton. (Burgess.) Pictou Co., N.S. (McKay.) Very common at Bass River, Kent Co.; Campbellton, Restigouche Co., N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Nepisquit Lakes, N.B. (Brittain.) Water Cove, Saguenay River, and St. Ambrose, Q. (St. Cyr.) Abundant on sandy banks of the Rivière Rouge, Argenteuil Co., Q. (D' Urban.) Common around Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Abundant in meadows at Prescott, Ont. (Billings.) Meadows near Kemptville, Ont. (Porter.) Very common in low wet meadows, growing in large tufts, throughout central Ontario, and extending westward to the west side of Lake Superior, and Lake Nipigon. (Macoun.) Vicinity of Hamilton, Ont. (Logic) Low meadows at London, Ont. (Burgess, Millman.) North shore of Lake Superior. (Agassiz.) Lake Mistassini, N.E.T.; Muskeg Creek, and Washoe Bay, Lake Winnipeg. (J. M. Macoun.) Nelson and Echima-mish rivers, Keewatin. (R, Bell.) Westward from Winnipeg to Fort Carleton, on the Saskatchewan. (Macoun.) Lakes Superior, Huron, Winnipeg, and Athabasca. (Richardson.) Common in British America. (Hooker, Fl.)

(2572.) C. straminea, Schk. (1801); Hook., Fl. II., 215.

C. leporina, Pursh, Fl. I., 36, (1814.)

C. straminea, var. brevior, Dew. Sill. Journ. XL, 158, (1827.) C. straminea, var. minor, Dew. Sill. Journ. XL, 318, (1827.) C. straminea, vars. Crawei & Meadii, Boott. Ill. 121.

In the arrangement of the various Canadian forms of this species we have followed Bailey's Carex Synopsis chiefly, but for convenience and the sake of greater accuracy in the determination, we still retain some of the older varieties placed by him under the species.

Var. typica, is distinguished by its stiff, erect culm, seldom two feet high, and always growing in dry places. Often in large clumps amongst rocks, or on dry prairies. Leaves quite short; spikelets seldom over five and usually at the top of the culm. Fields, Glenelg, Guysboro Co., N.S. (Faribault.) Kouchibouguacis; McAdam Junction, and Frederiction Junction, N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Vicinity of Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Dry rocks, Shannonville, Hastings Co.;

Massassagua Point, near Belleville; and on dry rocks, Tudor, North Hastings, Ont., and Livingstone Point, Lake Nipigon, Ont. (Macoun.) Woods near London, Ont. (Burgess. Millman.) Very abundant on, the dry prairie west of Winnipeg, at Brandon, File Hills, Long Lake,. Moose Jaw Creek, Old Wives Lakes, and westward to the Rocky Mountains. (Macoun.) Oba Lake, Ont.; and Nelson River, Keewatin. (R. Bell.) Turtle Mountain, Man., and South Antler Creek, Assiniboia. (Burgess.) Stony Mountain, Man. (Prof. Fowler.)

Tar. tenera, Boott, Ill. 120.

C. tenera, Olney, Car. Bor. Am. (ined.)

This form is distinguished by its weak culm, longer leaves,'much smaller spikelets and its different habit. Its usual habitat is damp meadows, where it grows in large clumps. It is distinguished from var. aperta by its erect culms and smaller spikelets. Kent Co., N.B.; rather rare. (Fowler, Cat.) Windsor, and Pictou, N.S. (Macoun.) Casselman, and Billing's Bridge, near Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Port Colborne, Lake Erie. (McGill Coll. Herb.) Common in wet meadows in central Ontario, extending westward to Port Arthur, and Fort William, Thunder Bay, Lake Superior. (Macoun.) Observation Point, Lake Winnipeg. (J. M. Macoun.) Abundant in damp soil, from Winnipeg westward to Manitoba House, Lake Manitoba, Brandon, File Hills, and the Elbow of the South Saskatchewan. (Macoun.} Lake Winnipeg. (Hooker, Fl.)