(2726.) H. alpina, Roem. & Schultz.; Hook., Fl. II., 234.

Holcus alpinus, Wahl. Fl. Lapp., 31. On the summits of high mountains and northward. Ford's Harbor, coast of Labrador; Cape Chudleigh, and Cape Prince of Wales, Hudson Strait. (R. Bell.) Ungava Bay, Labrador. (Barnston.) Pond's Bay, and Lancaster Sound, Baffin's Bay. (Dr. Kennedy.) On the coast of Hudson Bay, between Fort Churchill and Cape Lady Pelly. (Dr. Rae.) Moose Factory, James Bay. (Cottar & Dr. Hayden.) Fort George, James Bay. (J. M. Macoun.) Summit of Mount Albert, Gaspé, Q. (Macoun. Porter.) Mountain at Finlayson River, alt. 4,300 feet, lat. 61° 30°, north of British Columbia. (Dawson.) Labrador, and Arctic sea-shores and islands. (Hooker, Fl.) Ounalashka, Kotzebue Sound, and Arctic coast. (Rothr. Alask.) Greenland. (Lange.)

(2121.) H. borealis, Roem. & Schultz.; Hook., Fl. II., 234.

Holcus odoratus, Linn.; Michx., Fl. L, 56. H.fragrans, Pursh, Fl. I., 78.

Sandy shores, meadows, or prairies; widely distributed. Newfoundland. (Reeks.) Truro, and Yarmouth, N.S. (Macoun.) On the Magdalen Islands, N.S. (J. Richardson.) Bedford Basin, N.S. (Sommers, Cat.) Coast of Labrador. (McGill Coll. Herb.) Molus River, Richi-bucto and elsewhere, in Kent Co., N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Sheldrake River, and Pentecost River, Q. (St. Cyr.) Salt Lake, and Jupiter River, Anticosti. (Macoun.) Summit of Mount Albert, Gasp, Q. (Porter.) Border of a field near Belleville, Ont.; extremely abundant all around Lake Superior, and northward up the Nipigon River, to Camp Alexander. (Macoun.) River flat, London, Ont. (Burgess. Millman.) North shore of Lake Superior. (Agassiz.) Point aux Pins, Lake Erie; Emerson, Man. (Burgess.) Swampy prairie, Red River, and Pembina Mountain, Man. (Dawson.) Lake Mistassini, and down Rupert River, to James Bay; Beren's River, and Severn River, Kee-watin; Moose Mountain, Man. (J. M. Macoun.) Oxford House, Keewatin. (R. Bell.) Very common in wet prairies and along rivers and lakes throughout the whole prairie region, and north to Peace River; not uncommon from the meadows at Morley through the Rocky Mountains to the Columbia Valley; common in northern British Columbia to lat. 55°, at Fort McLeod. (Macoun.) Telegraph Creek, lat. 58°, B.C.; Upper Liard River, lat. 60°, B.C.; Lewes River, lat. 62°, north of British Columbia. (Dawson.) Ounalashka, and Kotzebue Sound. (Rothr. Alask.) Bartlett Bay, Alaska. (Meehan.) Saskatchewan, and the Rocky Mountains; dry ground, near the source of the Columbia; Nootka Sound. (Hooker, Fl.)

(2728.) H. pauciflora, R. Brown, Hook., Fl. II., 234.

Melville, and other Arctic Islands. (Hooker, Fl.)