Vilfa asperifolius, Nees. & Meyer, in Trin. Agrost. I., 73. Sporobolus arenaceus, Buckl. Proced. Acad. Philad. 89, (1862.)

Dry, open prairie, on the east side of Reed Lake, Assiniboia, 1880. (Macoun.) Upper valley of the Columbia, near a hot spring, B.C. (Dawson.) Chinaman's Ranche, on the Thompson River, B.C. (Fletcher.)

(2758.) S. cryptandrus, Gray, Man. Ed. IT., 542.

Agrostis cryptandra, Torr. Ann. Lyc. N. York. I., 151. Vilfa cryptandra, Trin. Agrost. I., 47. V. aspera, Logie, Cat. Hamilton Plants.

On the sands of Presqu'ile Point, Lake Ontario. (Macoun.) Along Burlington Beach, near Hamilton, Ont. (Logie.) On sand along the lake shore, Toronto Island; Point aux Pins, Lake Erie. (Burgess.) Sandy shore, Hamilton, Ont. (Millman.) Point Edward, River St. Clair, Ont. (J. M. Macoun.) Amongst sand, Stinking Lake, and Mapie Creek, north of Cypress Hills, Assiniboia. (Macoun.)

(2759.) S. cuspidatus, Scribner, Torr. Bull. IX., 103.

Vilfa cuspidata, Torr.; Hook., Fl. II., 238.

Agrostis cryptandra, Torr. Ann. Lyc. N. York I., 151.

Simonds, Carleton Co., N.B. (Brittain.) Rather common on dry prairies, from Manitoba westward to the Rocky Mountains. (Macoun.) North Fork of Old Man River, Rocky Mountains. (Dawson.) Banks of the Saskatchewan, near the Rocky Mountains, and plains of the Red River. (Hooker, Fl.) The limits of this and the next species are so poorly defined that I cannot satisfactorily separate them.

(2760.) S. depauperatus, (?) Scribner, Torr. Bull, IX., 103.

Vilfa depauperata, Torr.; Hook., Fl. II., 257. V. utilis, Torr., Pacif. R. Rep. V., 365.

Amongst gravel along Jupiter River, Anticosti. (Macoun.) Hurricane Hills, Assiniboia. (J. M. Macoun.) Very common in damp prairie, from Manitoba, Touchwood Hills, and westward and southward across the southern prairie region; damp places in the foot-hills, and westward through the Rocky Mountains to the Columbia Valley, at Donald. (Macoun.)

(2761.) S. heterolepis, Gray, Man. Ed. V. 610.

Vilfa heterolepis, Gray, Ann. Lyc. N. York III., 233. Vicinity of Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Oft.) On rocks along the railway at Shannonville, Hastings Co.; and at Heely Falls, Seymour, Northumberland Co., Ont.; very common in north-western Manitoba, and along the Beaver, and Touchwood Hills, Assiniboia. (Macoun.) East side of La Cloche Island, Georgian Bay. (R. Bell.)

(2762.) S. vaginaeflorus, Vasey, Cat. Grasses. U.S. 45, (1885.)

Vilfa vaginaeflora, Torr.; Gray, Man. Ed. V., 605. Agrostis Virginica, Muhl. Gram. 74.

On dry barren spots near Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Very common in many places around Belleville, Ont.; and on roadsides near Campbellford, Northumberland Co., Ont. (Macoun.) Vicinity of Hamilton, Ont. (Logic)

Note. - Dr. Vasey writes of the Vilfa tenacissima, Hook., Fl. II., 239: - "This is now considered a variety of Sporobolus Indicus, but I have seen no specimen from so far north as Menzies Island." Believing that it is included in some species we have catalogued, we leave it out.