(2844.) D. maritima, Raf. Journ. Phys. LXXXIX., 104.

Brizopyrum spicatum, Hook. & Arn.; Hook., Fl. II., 254, in part; Gray

Man. Ed. V., 628. B. boreale, Presl, Rel. Haenk. I., 280. B. Americanum, Link. Hort. Berol. I., 160. Poa Michauxii, Kunth, Enum. I., 325. Festuca distichophylla, Michx., Fl I., 67; Pursh, Fl. I., 84.

Abundant in salt marshes at Victoria, Cadboro Bay, and Nanaimo on the east, and Barclay Sound on the west side of Vancouver Island. (Macoun,) Straits of De Fuca, and Nootka. (Hooker, Fl)

Var. stricta, Thurber, Bot. Calif. II., 306.

Brizopyrum spicatum, var. strictum, Gray.

B. spicatum, Hook. & Arn.; Hook., Fl. II., 254, in part; Macoun, Cat.

No. 2175. Poa boreale, Hook., Fl. II., 245.

We place all our interior specimens under the variety, as they have the loose panicle, few erect spikelets and pale green color that characterize it. Very abundant by salt marshes throughout the whole prairie region, from Winnipeg westward to the mountains, and the dry interior of British Columbia. Hand Hills, and Red Deer Lakes, Alberta. (Macoun.) Maple Creek, Alberta. (J. M. Macoun.) Thompson River, B. C. (J. A. Hill.) "Chinaman's Ranche," above Spence's Bridge, B. C. (Fletcher.) Plains of the Red River to the Rocky Mountains. (Hooker, Fl.) Milk River, lat. 49°. (Millman.) Saline soil, Wood Mountain, Assiniboia. (Burgess.) Red River, Man., 1827. (Douglas.)