(2859.) P. Eatoni, Watson?; Macoun, Cat. IV., 225.

On the moimtains at Spence's Bridge, B.C., 1889. This is the same species referred to P. California in Part IV. There is still doubt where this should go. (Macoun.)

(2863.) P. laxa, Haenke; Macoun, Cat. IV., 225.

Quite common on the mountains north of Griffin Lake, Gold Range, B.C. Alt. 6500 feet. 1889. (Macoun.)

(2868.) P. Nevadensis, Vasey; Macoun, Cat. IV., 226.

On the mountain side at Yale, at Spence's Bridge, and at Kamloops,

B.C. 1889. (Macoun.)

(2870.) P. purpurascens, Vasey; Macoun, Cat. IV., 226.

Summit of the mountains north of Griffin Lake, B.C. Alt. 6500 feet. 1889. (Macoun.)

(2873.) P. stenantha, Macoun, Cat. IV., 227.

Prof. Scribner writes me that my specimens of this species are his Poa Vaseyana, var. angusti/olia, Tweedy, 1885. It is not P. stenantha, R. Brown.

(2873.) P. subaristata, Macoun, Cat. W., 227.

Of this Prof. Scribner writes - "I have in my herbarium no P. subaristata. Your grass is the same as 631 Tweedy (1885 Yellowstone Park Coll.) which I referred doubtfully to Poa andina, Nutt. I collected in Montana exactly the same form. Nuttall never published his Poa andina. I have never seen and do not know Poa andina, Trin. Your grass belongs to a section of the genus not well understood, and one represented by many forms in the Rocky Mountaios. The grass you sent me ticketed Poa andina, Nutt., var purpurea, Vasey, is like the type of Poa andina, Nutt., in Nuttall's writing in herb. Phiia. Acad. Nat. Sciences."

We have still a few Poas uudetermined, and hope to have them settled during the coming year.