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Is rather rare in swamps east of Lake Huron. North-West Arm and Dartmouth, Halifax, N.S. (Ball.) Roadside between Caledonia and Liverpool, Queen's Co., and between Liverpool and Jordan River, Shelbourne Co., N.S. (Jack.) Near Gaspé Basin, Que. (Eden.) Near Heck's Mills, ten miles from Prescott, Augusta Township, Ont, (Billings.) Peat swamps of the Mer Bleu, near Ottawa, Ont. (Fletcher.) Along the Canada Atlantic Railway, near Eastman's Springs, Russell Co., very abundant five miles north of Colborne Village, and common in marshes at west end of Gull Lake, Addington Co., Ont. (Macoun.) Near Millgrove, Wentworth Co., Ont. (Logie.) Mossy bog surrounding a lake on Lake Island, Lake Joseph, Muskoka, Ont. (Burgess.) Swampy ground on the shore of Georgian Bay, twenty-five miles north of Penetanguishene, Ont. (Alexander,)