(228.) V. primulaefolia, Linn, var. occidentalis, Gray, Bot. Gaz. XL, 255.

V. Nuttallii, var. linguaefolia, Macoun, Cat., III., 493. A form with ovate or spatulate-oblong leaves all tapering at base. Rocky places by a brook on a shady hill side, western summit of the North Kootanie Pass, Rocky Mountains, 1883. (Dawson.)

(229.) V. blanda, Willd., var. palustriformis, Gray, Man., ed. VI., 19. (1890.)

V. blanda, Macoun, Cat., I., 62, in part.

Specimens having the upper surface of the leaves, sparsely and finely hairy, are referred here. North Bay, Lake Nipissing, Ont., 1889. (Dr. Britton.) Sandy river margin, Lake Nepigon. (Macoun).

Var. renifolia, Gray, Man., ed. VI., 80. (1890.) References under V. renifolia, Gray, Part I., 62, belong here.

(235.) V. palmata, Linn.; Gray, Man., ed. VI., 79. Specimens referred to V. cucullata, Ait., var. palmata, Gray, Part I., 63, belong here.

Var. cucullata, Gray, Man., ed. VI, 79. (1890.)

Specimens referred to V. cucullata, Ait., and Y. cucullata var. cor-data, Gray, Part I., 62, 63, belong here.

(238.) V. Langsdorffii, Fisch.; Macoun, Cat., L, 63.

In wet places and swamps, at Nanaimo and Mount Finlayson, Vancouver Island, 1887. (Macoun.) Marshes, Burnaby Lake, near Hastings, B.C., 1889. (J. M. Macoun.)

(2108.) V. pedatiflda, G. Don.; Gray, Man., ed. VI., 79. (1890.) Specimens referred to Y. delphinifolia, Nutt, Part III., 493, belong here.

(240.) V. canina, L., var. puberula, Wat. in herb.; Gray, Man., ed. VI, 81. (1890.)

References under V. canina, var. rupestris, Kegel., Part I., 64 & III., 493, belong here.

(243.) V. pubescens, Ait., var. glabriuscula, Gray, Bot. Gaz.; XI., 291.

Specimens referred to var. scabriuscula, T. & G., Part I., 64, according to Gray should be called var. glabriuscula, as the plant is not really scabrous.

(3081.) V. praemorsa, Dougl.; Gray, Bot. Gaz., XI. 289. V. Nuttallii, var. praemorsa, Watson; Macoun, Cat. I., 65. All the specimens collected on Vancouver Island belong here.