(3045.) I. lacustris, Linn.; Hook. Fl. II., 268.

Saskatchewan. (Drummond.) St. Francis Lakes, Q. (Pringle.) River St. Marie at the head of the Canal. 18G9. (Macoun.)

(304G.) I. echinospora, Durieu. Var. Braunii, Engelm.

In water along the borders of lakes chiefly in the Laurentian districts. Rather common in Charlotte Co., N.B. ( Vroom.) Shelburne, N.S. (J. P. James.) In Partridge Lake, Anglesea, Addington Co., Ont. (Macoun.) Vicinity of Quebec. (Pringle.)

Var. - --------?

Abundant in Sproat Lake and Somas River at Alberni, west side of Vancouver Island, Aug., 1887. (Macoun.)

(3047.) I. Tuckermani, A. Braun.

In water at the outlet of Potter's Lake, North Sydney, Cape Breton. (Macoun & Burgess.)

(3048.) I. Bolanderi, Engelm.

Abundant in a marshy pond on the Indian Reservation at Kamloops, B.C. It was partly in and partly out of water. This is considered slightly different from true I. Bolanderi by Prof. Underwood. Quite common in Shushwap Lake at Sicamous, B.C. (Macoun.)

(3049.) I. riparia, Engelm. Var. Canadensis, Engelm.

In Crow River immediately above the dam at Marmora Iron Works, Hastings Co.; also in Gull River at the head of Mud-turtle Lake, Victoria Co., Out. (Macoun.)

(3050.) I. Nuttallii, A. Braun. in herb.

Very common on rocky springy ground near the Half-way House between Nanaimo and Wellington Mine, Vancouver Island, June 1887. (Macoun.)

(3051.) I. maritima, Underwood, Bot. Gaz. XIII. 94. N. Sp.

"Amphibious or mostly terrestrial; root-stock small, only slightly bilobed; leaves 8-15, rigid, green, 2-5 cm. long, 1.5 mm. wide, with abundant stomata; sporangia oval 4 mm. long, 2.5 mm. wide, brownish white, covered one-third to one-half by the velum; ligule small inconspicuous; macrospores 0.42 - 0.48 mm. thick, densely spinulose, the spines somewhat blunt, but rarely confluent; microspores white, smooth, 0.032 - 0.035 mm. thick."

Salt marshes, Alberni Canal below Alberni, Vancouver Island, Aug. 1887. (Macoun.)