(521.) B. Simplex, Kindb. (n. sp.)

Allied to Bryum roseum; differs in the shoots being short, about 2 cm., clavate, the comal leaves smaller, suboval, not cuneate at the base, fainter denticulate, not patent when moist, the cells shorter, nearly uniform, the gquamiform leaves indistinct. Barren.

This species is also distinct from Bryum. Ontariense, Kindb., and Bryum lucidum, Britt. We have not seen American specimens of the true B. roseum.

In small quantity, in crevices of rocks on the Gold Range, north of Griffin Lake, B.C.; alt. 6,700 feet. August 9th, 1889. (Macoun.)

(522.) B. concinnatum, Spruce; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N-America, 240.

Greenland. (Fl. Gr.) (523.) B. acutiusculum, C. Muell. in Flora, N. 14 (1887). Alaska. (Krause.)

(524.) B. bullatum, C. Muell. in Flora N. 14 (1887). Alaska. (Krause.)

(525.) B. stenotrichum, C. Muell. Alaska. (Krause.)

454. B, arcticum, Bruch & Schimp.

St. Paul Island, Behring Sea, 1891, Alaska. (Dr. Merriam.) On earth in rather dry places at Dawson, Yukon, 1899. (Williams.)

457. B. purpurascens, Bruch & Schimp, subsp. autumnale,


Newfoundland. (Waghorne.) 460. B. pendulum, (Hornsch.) Schimp.

At Dawson in fine fruit, July 30th, 1899; other specimens were collected on earth on ledges of rock at Dawson which were for a time doubtfully referred to B. Brownn, Br. & Sch. (Williams.)

1057. B. Dawsonense, R. S. Williams. Bull, of New York Bot.

Gar., Vol. II., p. 124.

This plant is undoubtedly close to B. pendulwn, differing in the short-pointed leaves, more distinctly bordered and in the long cilia, some of which are finely appendiculate.

In good fruit on damp earth at Dawson, August 28th, 1898. (Williams.)

1058. B. longisetum, Bland.

On swampy ground with Meesia uliginosa, and in good fruit, July 31st, 1898. (Williams.)

1050. B. conditum, R. S. Williams, Bull, of New York Bot. Gar., Vol. II., p. 125.

On a rocky hillside between Canon City and Sheep Camp on Dyea Creek, March 28th, 1898. This p ant comes nearest uligi-nosum, I believe, but differs in the more pointed leaf, with more distinct and revolute border, pitted leaf cells, blunt lid, mori developed inner peristome and dioecious inflorescense. (Williams.)

1060. B. cuspidatum, Schimp.

Collected at Dawson, Yukon. This species has the costa excur-rent into a sharp, denticulate point, 4 or 5 cells in length. (Williams.)

1061. B. compactum, Hornschuch. On rocks, Greenland. (Vanhoeffen.)

1062. B. Roellii, Philibert.

Along Farewell Creek, Cypress Hills, Assa., June 27th, 1895. (Macoun.)

1063. B. Alaskanum, Kindb.

Leaves broad-ovate, apiculate or very short-acuminate, reflexed all around; cells wide, the upper sub-rhombic; costa short-excurrent. Capsule short but not thick, subclavate-piriform; lid convex, mamillate; pedicel not long. Fruiting stem tomentose with shorter and longer shoots. Uppermost leaves of stem and shorter shoots glomerate; those of longer shoots not glomerate.

Alaska. (J. M. Macoun.) Locality unknown.

463. B. inclinatum, Bruch & Schimp.

On sandy earth, Sable Island, N.S., Aug. 3rd, 1899. (Macoun.)

464. B. Froudei, Kindb.

On earth along Farewell Creek, Cypress Hills, Assa., June 26th, 1894. (Macoun.)

1064. B. micans, Limpricht.

On earth or rocks, Greenland. (Berggren.)

1060. B. lapponicum, Kaurin., subsp. subinclinatum,


Spores smaller than in the species, about 0.02 mm. Endos-tome adhering to the teeth; lid apiculate. Tufts very dense and tomentose.

On earth near Seal Lake, northern Labrador, July, 1896. (A. P. Low.)

477. B. bimum, Schreber.

Along Jumping Pound Creek, Rocky Mountains, Alta., 1897; on earth in a ravine, Woodstock, N.B., July, 1899; in boggy places west of Hull, Que., June, 1899; on Drummond Island, Niagara Falls, Ont., 1901. (Macoun.)

Var. atrotheca, Ren. & Card., Bot. Gaz., Vol. XIX., p. 238 (1894.)

Capsule, black-red; leaves scarcely denticulate or quite entire at the point.

Newfoundland, 1892. (Waghorne.)

479. B. leucolomatum, C. M. & Kindb.

Marshy spot, Otter Slide Brook, Algonquin Park, Ont,, July 18th, 1900. (Macoun.)

480. B. pallescens, Schleich.

On earth in a ravine, Grand Narrows, on dead wood and earth, Margaree, and on earth and rocks, Half-Way Brook, Cape Breton Island, N.S.,1898; on earth at Cāche Lake, Algonquin Park, Ont., June, 1900; by the Saskatchewan at Prince Albert, Sask., June, 1896; on wet ground, Bragg's Creek, Elbow River, Rocky

Mountains, Alta., 1897. (Macoun.) On earth, Chilliwack Valley, B. C, 1901. (J. M. Macoun.)

483. B. Knowltoni, Barnes.

On damp and brackish sandy earth along the Lagoon, Sable Island, N.S. Not uncommon, Aug., 1899. (Macoun.)

488. B. Raui, Austin.

On wet rocks, Sea's Farm, near Victoria,Vancouver Island, 1893. (Macoun)

489 B. Muehlenbeckii, Bryol. Eur.

On the summit of Hermit Mountain, Roger's Pass, Selkirk Mountains, B.C., Aug. 5th, 1890. (Macoun)

494. B. capitellatum, C. M. & Kindb.

B. Oreganum, Sulliv.; Lesq. & James Mosses of N. Am. 230.

Mrs. E. G. Britton and Mr. R. S. Williams have compared the types of those two species and are satisfied that they are the same.

497. B. caespiticium, Linn.

Along the railway bank, above Leamington, Essex Co., May 25th, 1901. (Macoun) In good fruit at Dawson, Yukon, June 10th, 1898. (Williams.)

498. B. synoico-caespiticium, C. M. & Kindb.

On earth by Niagara River, above the Suspension Bridge, Ont., May 18th, 1901. (Macoun)

504. B. capillare, Linn.

Quite common on the bases of trees in woods, Niagara Falls, May, 1901; also on earth in woods, Camlachie, Lambton Co., Ont., May 20th, 1901. (Macoun)

Subsp. ruraliforme, Kindb., Bryol. N. Am. & Eur. 358.

Leaves brown-red, strongly dentate, subacute; limb brown. Shoot-leaves sometimes decurrent. Capsules unknown. Habit of Barbula ruralis. On damp rocks, Pier's Farm, Burnside Road, Victoria, Vancouver Island, May 11th, 1893. (Macoun.)