779. Boltonia, L'Her

(3033.) B. asteroides, L'Her.; Gray, Synop. Fl. II., 166.

In moist places, Souris Co., Man., 1889; apparently very rare. (T. Walker.)

(3034.) B. latisquama, Gray, var. occidentalis, Gray, Synop. Fl. II., 166.

Rich, damp soil, 15 miles west of Winnipeg, Man., 1886. (Fletcher.)

276. Erigeron

(2177.) E. flagellaris, Gray; Macoun, Cat. III., 548.

Better specimens have been collected at Spence's Bridge, B.C., by Mr. James Fletcher, since the publication of Part III., and competent authorities have referred them to this species.

780. Psilocarphus, Nutt

(3136.) P. Oreganus, Nutt., var. elatior, Gray, Synop. Fl. II, 228.

Quite common in ditches that dry up in summer, at Cloverdale and Cedar Hill, near Victoria, Vancouver Island, 1887. (Macoun.)

(3137.) P - tenellus, Nutt.; Gray, Synop. Fl. II., 228.

Abundant in ditches at Cloverdale, Vancouver Island, 1887. (Macoun.)

295. Bidens

(3138.) B. bullata, Linn.?

Along the Somas River between Alberni and Sproat Lake, on the west side of Vancouver Island, 1887. Doubtfully referred here by Dr. Watson. (Macoun.)

781. Helianthella, Torr. & Cray

(3139.) H. Douglasii, Torr. & Gray, Fl. II., 334.

Mountains between Nicola Valley and Niacomen, B.C., 1888. (Dawson.) Abundant on the mountains between the Nicola River and the Thompson, south of Spence's Bridge, B.C., 1889. (Macoun.) Mountains north-west of Spence's Bridge. (J. M. Macoun.)

311. Artemisia

(3040.) A. annua, Linn.; Gray, Synop. Fl. II., 370.

Introduced at London, Ont., and inclined to spread. (Burgess.) Vacant lots, West Toronto, Ont. (Macoun.)

. (1192.) A. glauca, Pall.; Macoun, Cat. II., 255.

On the open prairie, Souris Co., Man., 1889. (T. Walker.)

312. Luina

(1212.) L. hypoleuca, Benth.; Macoun, Cat. II., 259.

Very abundant in crevices of rock on Mount Mark, altitude 2000 feet; also on the sea-clirfs of the Alberni Canal, west side of Vancouver Island, 1887. (Macoun.) Crevices of water-worn rocks in a canyon of the Kokesaila River, about 50 miles from Victoria on the Nanaimo Railway, Vancouver Island. (Anderson.)