81. Arenaria

(292.) A - physodes, DC; Macoun, Cat., L, 73, & III., 292.

Yukon River, N.W.T., Lat. 62°; and Pelly Banks, N.W.T., 1887. (Dawson.)

82. Stellaria

(3084.) S. aquatica, Scopoli; Hooker, Student's Flora, 61. (1884.)

Roadsides and ditches at Stratford, Ont. Introduced. July 19th, 1886. (Burgess.)

83. Cerastium

(309.) C. arvense, Linn., var. oblongifolium, Holl. &Britt.; Gray, Man., ed. VI., 88. (1890.)

References under C. oblongifolium, Torr., Part I., 77, belong here.

771. Talinum, Adns

(3090.) T. spinescens, Torr., Bot., Wilkes, 250.

Mountain slopes west of Stump Lake, B.C. Alt. 3400 feet. Aug. 1888. (Dawson.)

93. Calandrinia

(3091.) C. Columbiana, Howell. (1886.)

Abundant in crevices of rocks on the summit of Mount Arrowsmith, Vancouver Island. Alt. 5500 feet, July 17th, 1887. (Macoun.) The plant collected by Lyall on the boundary of British Columbia is now referred to this species by Mr. T. Howell.

98. Elodes, Adns

(353.) E campanulata, Pursh.; Coulter, Bot. Gaz., XL, 111.

References under E. Virginica, Nutt., Part L, 86, belong here.

99. Malva

(3092.) M. borealis, Wallm.; Torr., Mex. Bound. Rep., 38. On ballast at Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, July, 1887. (Macoun.)

100. Sidalcea

(361.) S. malvaeflora, Gray; Macoun, Cat. I., 87.

In Part L, 87, this and the next were considered one species. When Part III. (page 501) was published, we had reached the conclusion that we had also Watson's var. Oregana. Since then, Dr. Gray has elaborated the genus, and our herbarium specimens are divided as below. In dry thickets at Oak Bay, and Cedar Hill, near Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

(3093.) S. Oregana, Gray, Pl., Fendl., in part; Proced. Amer. Acad. XIV., 237.

Grassy slopes near Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Fletcher.) Abundant in salt marshes at Qualicum and Alberni, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

104. Sphaeralcea

(365.) S. acerifolia, Nutt.; Gray,Proced. Amer. Acad. XIV., 294.

S. rivularis. Torr.: Maconn. Cat. L. 88. & TIL. 501.

There are two forms of this species in British Columbia. One of a slender habit, with five-lobed small leaves, the lobes obtuse or short pointed, growing in thickets at Shuswap and Enderby, B.C.; the other a much stouter plant with coarse, generally five-lobed leaves, lobes with long tapering points, stems almost smooth. Salmon Arm, Shuswap Lake, B.C. (Macoun), and Elk River, Rocky Mountains. (Dawson.)