560. T. megapolitana, Hedw.

Marsh Lake and Klondike River, near its mouth. This species seems to grow mostly on rather dry earth at the base of rock ledges somewhat at a higher elevation than the next. The capsule is nearly straight and furrowed when dry. (Williams.)

1096. T. cucullata, Michx.

Yukon River, just above Dawson, Yukon, growing at the base of trees. This species is quite distinct from megapolitana. It differs from megapolitana in the wider mou hed capsule, more curved and smooth when dry. (Williams.)

561. T. Austriaca, Hedw.

On earth, Moose Mountain, Elbow River, Rocky Mountains, July, 1897. (Macoun.) Canon City, Dyea Creek, and Moose Creek, just below Dawson. (Williams.)

1097. T. arctica, Kindb. Botan. Notiser, 1893. Greenland. (Berggren.)

1098. T. Bavarica, Hessler.

On rocks at Morley, foothills of Rocky Mountains, June 13th, 1885; near Fort St. James, northern British Columbia, June 21st, 1875; on rocks near Victoria, Vancouver Island, May 7th, 1875. All these were included in T. megapolitana in Cat. Can. Musci., p. 146. On limestone rocks, Foster's Flats, Niagara Falls, 1901. (Macoun.)

1099. T. Macounii, Kindb., N. Sp.

On rocks, Moose Mountain alt. 7500 feet, Elbow River, Rocky Mountains, July 4th, 1897. (Macoun.)