85. Psilopilum, Brid

(574.) P. arcticum, Brid.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 260.

Peat bogs; Labrador, Greenland and Arctic America. (Lesq. & James.) Jakobshavn, Greenland. (B. Brown.) St. Paul Island, Behring Sea, 1891. (J. M. Macoun.)

Family XVIII. Buxbaumieae. 88. Diphyscium, Mohr

(596.) D. foliosum, Mohr; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 267; Canadian Musci, No. 226.

Pictou and Halifax counties, N.S. (McKay.) On clay soil, Truro, N.S. (Fowler's Cat.) On earth in woods at Rustico Bay, Prince Edward Island; on earth in woods. North Hastings, Ont.; also on earth in woods at Bismarck, Elgin Co., Ont. (Macoun.)

89. Buxbaumia, Hall

(597.) B. aphylla, Linn.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 268.

Milldam, Pictou, Co., N.S. (McKay.) On earth, vicinity of Halifax, N.S. (Lawson.) On rocks at Chelsea, Que., 8 miles from Ottawa. (Fletcher.) On earth along the Columbia River above Revelstoke; on earth and rocks, Deer Park, Lower Arrow Lake, Columbia River; also in woods at Hastings, Burrard Inlet, B.C. (Macoun.) Cascade Mountains, B.C. (Lyall.)

XX. Neckereae. 92. Leptodon, Mohr

(611.) L. trichomitrion, Mohr; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America. 218; Canadian Musci, No. 236.

Pterogonium trichomitrion, Drumm. Musc. Bor. - Am., No. 78.

Trunks of trees in upper Canada (Ontario); about Niagara Falls. (Drummond.) On trees in a swamp a little east of Belleville, Ont. (Macoun.)

(612.) L. nitidus, Lindb. MS.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 279.

On elm trees in a swamp (since cleared up) a little east of Belleville Ont., July 20th, 1864. (Macoun.)

93. Alsia, Sillily

(613.) A. abietina, Sulliv.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America,


A. Macounii, Kindb., Bull. Torr. Bot. Club. XVII., 275; Canadian Musci, No. 462.

On trees North-west Coast. (Menzies.) Vancouver Island. (Lyall.) On rocks, Fraser River above Yale, B.C.; on rocks, Salt Spring Island, Gulf of Georgia, B.C.; on trees at Michosen, near Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Alaska. (Roth. Alask.)

96. Meteorium, Brid

(620.) M. nigrescens, Mitt.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 287.

Lake Huron; in fruit. (Dr. Todd.) Canada West. (Emery.)