(623.) P. filiforme, Hedw.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 289; Canadian Musci, No. 244.

Pterogonium filiforme, Drumm. Musc. Bor. - Am., No. 77.

Rocks on the Portage River, Rocky Mountains. (Drummond.) Bass River, Kent Co., N.Br (Fowler's Cat.) On rocks, Ste. Anne des Monts River, Graspé Co., Que.; on flat limestone rocks along the Moira, above the railway bridge, at Belleville, Ont.; on rocks, three miles below Hector, Rocky Mountains; also on rocks in Roger's Pass, Selkirk Mountains; on rocks at Revelstoke, Deer Park and Pass Creek, Columbia River; also at Eagle Pass and Sicamous in the Gold Range, B.C.; on rocks at Yale and Agassiz, B.C. (Macoun.) Greenland. (Fl. Gr.)

(624.) P. papillosulum, C. M. & Kindb. (n. sp.); Canadian Musci, No. 553.

Differs from Pterigynandrum filiforme in the branch-leaves being acuminate and acute, denticulate nearly all around, less papillose; the branchlets are blunt and turgid, as in the variety heteropterum of this species.

On rocks, Deer Park, Lower Arrow Lake, Columbia River, B.C., June 4th, 1890. (Macoun.)