(2969.) O. VUlgatum, Linn., Sp.Pl, 1518. Michx., Fl. Bor. - Am., II., 275. Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept., II., 675. Lawson, Can. Nat., i., 293. Goode, Can. Nat., ix., 301.

Macoun & Burgess, Trans. Roy, Soc. Can., ii., sect, iv., 173.

Usually found in the grass of low meadows, and, though rather rare, has a wide range, extending from Nova Scotia westward to Manitoba. In the sand at Brackley Point, Prince Edward Island. (Macoun.) In fields near Truro, N.S. (Campbell.) Truemanville, N.S. (A. J. True-man.) Hopewell and Cape Enrage, N.B. (J. Brittain.) Hemmingford, Que. (Goode.) Boechwood, near Hemlock Lake, Ottawa, Ont. (Fletcher.) Ferry Point, Belleville, Ont.; beaver meadow between Hooper's Lake and the Hastings Road, Tudor Tp., Hastings Co., Ont.; grassy places along the Trent, McCann's Island, Seymour Tp., Northumberland, Ont.; St. Thomas, Elgin Co., Ont. (Macoun.) Valley of the Humber, Toronto, Ont. (Burgess.) Low meadow, Port Stanley, Elgin Co., Ont. (J. Bowman.) Mouth of Rainy River, Lake of the Woods. (Dawson.)