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A rather variable species as regards the shape and degree of division of the frond and of its pinnae. Commonly found on rocks exposed or shaded, but sometimes on dry banks or old logs, and occasionally on growing trees, in dense woods. It ranges from the Atlantic to the Pacific, extending northward to Nelson and Slave rivers, and probably to the Arctic Circle. Of very general distribution throughout Nova Scotia. (Ball.) Common near St. John, but rare in the northern counties of New Brunswick. (Fowler.) Grand Falls and Woodstock, N.B. (Jack.) Common in Quebec. (Provancher, D' Urban, McCord, J. Bell, St. Cyr, etc.) Abundant in most parts of Ontario. (Macoun, Lawson, Billings, Logie, Burgess, Ami, etc.) Plentiful in rocky parts of Manitoba. (Macoun, Dawson, Burgess.) Nelson River, Hudson Bay. (Bell.) Rocky Mountains. (Macoun.) The form known as var. occidentale is very abundant and is the common one in British Columbia, but the normal type also occurs. (Macoun, Fletcher, Anderson.) The var. Cambricum was found on rocks at Port Simpson B.C. (Anderson.)

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Confined to British Columbia, where it is found in the crevices of rocks and on trees. Abundant on rocks along the coast between Victoria and Esquimault Harbour, also at Goldstream, Vancouver Island; frequent in the hollows of living trees in the valley of the Fraser River, especially at Hastings and the mouth of Harrison River. (Macoun.) On rocks at Victoria. (Anderson.)

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Restricted to British Columbia and found usually on rocks exposed to the spray of the sea. Alberni, west side of Vancouver Island. (Anderson.) On exposed rocks, on small islands in Barclay Sound, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Near Cape Scott, and around the northern and north-western coast of Vancouver Island. (Dawson.)