Newfoundland. (Waghorne.) Digge's Island, Hudson Bay, 1885. (Dr. R. Bell) In the vicinity of Belleville, Hastings Co., and in a swamp at Wooler, Ont.; swampy ground, Jupiter River, Anticosti, Que., 1883; Cottonwood Coulee, Battle Creek, south of Cypress Hills, Assa., July, 1895; swampy earth at Kamloops, B.C., June, 1889. (Macoun.)

847. H. Sendtneri, Schimp.

On stones in a brook near Aspy Bay, Cape Breton Island, N.S. Aug., 1898; in pools in the Cypress Hills, Assa., June 24th, 1894; in a swamp at Johnstone's Harbour, Bruce Peninsula, Ont., Aug., 1901. (Macoun.)

848. H. Cossoni, Schimp.

On earth in wet places, Fort Chimo, Ungava Bay, Labrador, Aug., 1896. (A. P. Low.)

849. H. vernicosum, Lindb.

In a swamp, Mosquito Bay, Labrador, Lat. 61° 25', Aug. 13th, 1898. (A. P. Low.)

1177. H. Subsecundum, Kindb., Revue Bryol., 1895.

Leaves not large, nearly crowded, entire; cells linear, the lower basal, yellow; costa vanishing below the acumen. Stem-leaves from a broad-ovate base,short-acuminate; costa very thick,branch leaves from a subovate base (more or less gradually) long-subulate, subsecund when dry; costa thinner. Capsule arcuate; pedicel short; teeth brownish. Stem creeping.

Newfoundland. (Waghorne.) On earth, Credit Forks, Ont., Sept., 17th, 1892. (jas. White.)

800. H. Wilsoni, Schimp.

Cottonwood Coulee, Battle Creek, south of Cypress Hills, Assa., July 4th, 1895. (Macoun.) Middle of Lake Lebarge, Yukon. (Williams.)

851. H. brevifolium, Lindb.

H. Bambergeri, Schimp.; Kindb., Bryol. N. Am. & Eur., 130.

On rocks, Jumping Pound Creek, Rocky Mountains, Alta., June 14th, 1897. (Macoun)

853. H. revolvens, Swartz.

Boggy places, Nagai Island, Alaska, Sept., 1897. (J. M. Macoun) In a bog north of Prince Albert, Sask., July 3rd, 1896 (Macoun.) Common in swamps at Dawson, Yukon. (Williams.)

854. H. fluitans, Linn.

In bogs, Sable Island, N.S., 1899; in bogs, Johnston's Lake, near North Wakefield, Que., 1898; abundant, Algonquin Park, Ont., 1900. (Macoun) In swamps near Marsh Lake, Yukon. (Williams.) Chilliwack Valley, B.C., 1901. (J. M. Macoun.)

855. H. exannulatum, Guembel.

Boggy spots and ponds, Sable Island, N.S., Aug., 1899. (Macoun.) Bogs, Fort Chimo, Ungava Bay, Labrador, September, 1896. (A. P. Low.) Bogs on Barren Grounds, Lat. 620 56', Long. 102o 45' W., Aug., 1893. (J. B. Tyrrell.)

Subsp. pseudo-lycopodioides, Kindb., Ott. Nat. Vol. XIV. p. 82.

Agrees with H. exannulatum in the leaves being long-decurrent and with large hyaline alar cells; but the leaves are shortish and entire with generally an obtusate acumen; costa thicker. Capsules not seen. Resembles in habit Calliergon ochraceum but the stem-leaves are plicate as in Hypnum lycopodioides.

On stones in woods at Margaree, Cape Breton Island, N.S., July, 1898. (Macoun.)

Subsp. pseudo-stramineum, Kindb., Bryol. N. Am. & Eur. 132.

Leaves green, entire, often straight; those of the branches often with oblong apical cells. Capsules not seen.

Newfoundland. (Waghorne.) In pools near Victoria, and on earth in a wet field on Sea's farm, near Esquimalt, Vancouver Island, May, 1893. (Macoun.)

856. H. uncinatum, Hedw.

Canon City and Dyea Creek, Alaska; Lake Lindeman, Lake Lebarge and Dawson, Yukon. (Williams.) Chilliwack Valley, B.C. (J. M. Macoun.)

Var. micropterum, Kindb.

St. Paul Island and St. George Island; Behring Sea, July, 1892. (J. M. Macoun.)

Var. plumulosum, Schimp.

Among boulders in rather dry places, Lake Lindeman, Yukon. (Williams.)

Var. subsymmetica, (Card.) Kindb.

In the Chilliwack Valley, B.C., 1901. (J. M.Macoun.)

85 7. H, Moseri, Kindb.

Fort Chimo, Ungava Bay, Labrador, Sept., 1896. (A. P. Low.) On rocks, Big Intervale, Margaree, Cape Breton Island, N.S., July, 1898. (Macoun.)

1178. H. orthothecioides, Lindb.; Kindb., Bryol. N. Am. & Eur. 133. .

Greenland. (Dr. Rosenwinge.)

858. H. longinerve, Kindb.

In a pool in woods, Victoria Park, Ottawa Ont., June 19th. 1900. (Macoun.)

859. H. conflatum, C. M. & Kindb.

Middleton Island, Alaska, Lat. 59o 30', 1892; St. Paul Island, Behring Sea, July, 1892. (J. M. Macoun.)

1179. H. amblyphyllum, R. S. Williams, Bull. of New York Bot. Gar., Vol. II., p. 139.

Alar cells often inflated nearly to costa and some small, nearly quadratic cells at margin just above the alar cells. Medium leaf-cells .005 or .006 mm. wide and mostly .035 to .060 mm. long. Younger branch leaves narrowly lanceolate with very short costa. Perichetial leaves not plicate, closely sheathing, but little larger or more pointed than stem leaves, entire, with faint costa extending up 2/3 or more. Seta up to 6 cm. long. Capsule 2.5 by 1 mm., with short upright collum, but much curved and nodding above. Lid acutely conical, its height less than basal diameter. No an-nulus. Peristome teeth broadly hyaline bordered above, outer plates finely punctate below. Basal membrane of endostome scarcely 1/2 the teeth in height with solid segments and 2 or 3 nodose cilia between. Transversely elongated cells about mouth of capsule in 3 or 4 rows, the cells below roundish to oblong. Stomata roundish to short oblong, up to .040 mm. long Minutely roughened spores up to .016 mm.

This species is intermediate between exannulatum and pseudo-stramineum. From the first it differs in the short, broadly-pointed leaves, the angular stem with fewer thickened cells in the outer walls and leaf cells not pitted. The second differs in being monoecious, with entire, not decurrent leaves and not angular stems.

At Dawson, Yukon, in swamp water, in fine fruit July 17th, 1898. (Williams.)