On rocks by springs, Niagara River, May, 1901. (Macoun.) In springs, head of Lake Bennett, Yukon. (Williams.)

861 H. chloropterum, C. M. & Kindb.

Chilliwack Valley, B.C., 1901. (J. M. Macoun.)

862. H. Novae-Angliae, Sulliv. & Lesq.

On old logs, Meech's Lake, near Chelsea, Que., Sept. 23rd, 1893. (Macoun.)

863. H. commutatum, Hedw. subsp. sulcatum, Schimp.

Kindb., Bryol. N. Am. & Eur., 127. Greenland. (Berggren.) Newfoundland. (Waghorne.)

864. H. falcatum, Brid.

On earth about springs, Jumping Pound Creek, Alta.; also Crow's Nest Pass, Alta., Rocky Mountains, Aug., 1897. (Macoun.) About springs at the head of Lake Bennett, Yukon. Leaves nearly entire or slightly serrulate below. (Williams.)

865. H. decipiens, (De Not.) Kindb.

In a spring, Medicine Lodge, south of Wood Mountain, Assa., June 14th, 1895. (Macoun) Chilliwack Valley, B.C., 1901, (J. M. Macoun)

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