(874.) H. hamulosum, Bruch & Schimp.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 391; Canadian Musci, No. 393.

H. cupressiforme, Drumm. Musc. Bor. - Am., No. 205.

Upon rocks, about Beaver Lake. (Drummond.) Along Ste. Mary's River, Anticosti. (Macoun.) Greenland. (Fl. Gr.) Blaketown and Hopewell Bay, Newfoundland; Battle Harbor and Deep Water Bay, Labrador. (Rev. A. Waghorne.)

(875.) H. pseudo-fastigiatum, C. M. & Kindb. (n. sp.)

Allied to Hypnum reptile, differing principally in the alar leaf-cells being more numerous, chlorophyllose and dusky, not decolorate, the capsule scarcely contracted below the mouth, the perichetial leaves nerveless.

On the bases of trees in woods in the Columbia River valley, west of Revelstoke, B.C., May 6th, 1890; also on rocks at Owen Sound, Ont. (Macoun.)

(876.) H. circinnale, Hook.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of 1ST. America. 392; Canadian Musci, No. 347, in part.

Vancouver Island. (Lyall.) On old logs, in woods at Hastings, Burrard Inlet, B.C.; also on old logs at Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Kotzebue Sound, Nulato and Alaska. (Roth. Alask.)

(877.) H. Sequoieti, C. Muell.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 392.

H. circinale, Canadian Musci, No. 347, in part.

Freshwater, Chance Cove, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) On trunks of trees at Revelstoke, Columbia River, B.C.; on trunks, Mount Benson, near Nanaimo, and at Comox, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) On trunks, Melaspina Inlet, Gulf of Georgia, B.C. (Dawson.) Sitka, Alaska; and at Port Essington, B.C., 1891. (J. M. Macoun.)

(878.) H. callichroum, Brid.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 392.

Shelburne, Nova Scotia. (James.) Greenland. (Fl. Gr.)

(879.) H. Canadense, Kindb. Bull. Torr. Bot, Club, XVII., 280.

Intermediate between H. imponens and H. subimponens. Dioecious. Densely caespitose, yellow or pale-green. Stems creeping, densely pinnate-ramulose; branches robust, thick and tumid. Leaves close, falcate, with elongate-ovate or oblong base and short acumen, faintly or not striate, more or less denticulate all around, not reflexed on the borders, larger than in H. imponens; cells very narrow, the alar (one or two) large and pellucid, the other basal cells yellow; paraphyllia few, subulate. Perigonial leaves very broad-ovate, abruptly narrowed to a straight subulate point. Capsule obovate, asymetric or subcylin-dric and arcuate, thick and not striate; teeth yellow, segments orange, cilia short and not appendiculate; pedicel 4-5 cm. long; upper peri-chetial leaves erect. This species seems to be confounded with H. imponens.

St. John's and Hopewell Bay, Bay Bull Arm and White Bay, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) On stones, McNab Island, Halifax Harbor, N.S.; on rotten logs at the summit level of the Canadian Pacific Railway, near Hector, Rocky Mountains, alt. 5,300 feet; on old logs at Leamington, Lake Erie, and at Rockcliffe, Ottawa, Ont.; on stones in woods at Hull, Qne. (Macoun.) Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, 1891. (J. M. Macoun.)

(880.) H. imponens, Hedw.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 393; Canadian Musci, No. 348.

Miquelon Island. (DelÓmare.) Pictou Co., N.S. (McKay.) Old logs, Canaan Forks, N.B. (J. Moser.) Bay Bull Arm, Placentia Bay, and New Harbor, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) Old logs, Pirate's Cove, Straits of Canso, N.S.; common on rotten logs at Ottawa; abundant in woods at Belleville, Ont.; on old logs at Hastings, B.C.; and on Mount Arrowsmith, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

(881.) H. subimponens, Lesq.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 393; Canadian Musci, No. 349.

Old logs, Canaan Forks, Queen's Co., N.B. (J. Moser.) Green Harbor, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) Very common on trees and on the ground in British Columbia and on Vancouver Island. (Lyall.) On wet rocks at Revelstoke, Deer Park (Lower Arrow Lake), and at Pass Creek Falls, near Sproat. Columbia River; abundant on rocks at Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) On logs at Comox, Vancouver Island. (Dawson.)

Var. cristula, Kindb. Bull. Torr. Bot. Club, XVII., 280; Canadian Musci, No. 350.

Leaves green or brownish-green, estriate, filiform-pointed, the point a little shorter than the lanceolate base. Capsule, cylindric, narrow, faintly curved, suberect; teeth at the base pale yellow, hyaline above; perichetial leaves faintly striate.

Quite common on rocks in oak woods, near Victoria, Vancouver Island; fruiting abundantly in April, 1887; on rocks at Moodyville, Burrard Inlet, B.C.' (Macoun.)

(882.) H. revolutum, (Mitt.) Lindb.

H. Heufleri, Jur.; Schimp. Syn. ed. II, 760.

On dry rocks at Morley, foothills of Rocky Mountains; also on dry rocks, three miles below Hector, Rocky Mountains. (Macoun.) Greenland. (Fl. Gr.)

(883.) H. plicatile, (Mitt.) Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America,

394; Canadian Musci, No. 352.

Davis Strait. (Taylor.) Rocky Mountains. (Bourgeau.) On stones, Cypress Hills, Alberta; on rocks at the Rocky Mountain Canon, Peace River, lat. 56°; on rocks near Lesser Slave Lake, N.W.T.; on dry rocks at Lytton, B.C.; very abundant on rocks on the summit of Tunnel Mountain and other mountains at Banff, Rocky Mountain Park. (Macoun.) This species is probably not distinct from H. revolutum.

(884.) H. cupressiforme, Linn.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 394; Canadian Musci, No. 351.

Miquelon Island. (Delaware.) Pictou Co. N.S. (McKay.) River Montmorency, Beauport, Que. (St. Oyr.) New Harbor, St. Johns Green Willow, and Bay Robert, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) On earth at Truro and on logs at Pirate's Cove, Straits of Canso, N.S.; on rocks, South-west Point, Anticosti; on logs, Ste. Anne des Monts River, GaspÚ Co., Que.: on earth and rocks, shore of Lake Winni-pegoosis, Man.; on earth, Cypress Hills, Alberta; base of Saddle Mountain, Devil's Lake, Rocky Mountains; on rocks at Yale, B.C.; on earth, Comox, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

(885.) H. complexum, Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 396.

On rocks, Canaan Forks, Queen's Co., N.B. (J. Moser.) On rocks between Fort William and Cumberland House. (Richardson.)

(886.) H. arcuatiforme, Kindb. (n. sp.)

Tufts dense, green, not glossy. Stem creeping, subpinnate. Leaves arcuate, ovate-lanceolate, generally short-acuminate or sub-obtusate, entire, decurrent, not striate; alar cells large, well-defined, orange, the other pale and narrow; costa none or short and double. Capsule sub-cylindric, curved, not striate nor furrowed, constricted below the wide mouth; teeth when dry incurved, pale-yellow, hyaline-margined; cilia long, appendiculate; pedicel about 3 cm. long. Probably dioecious. Resembles in habit Hypnum cupressiforme. Lid and male flowers not found.

The allied Hypnum Lindbergii, Mitt., (H. arcuatum, Lindb.) differs at once in the not creeping, irregularly divided stem, the shorter pedicel, the larger capsule, etc.

On earth near the gate of the cemetery at Beechwood, near Ottawa, Ont., September 29th, 1889. . (Macoun.)

(887) H. Lindbergh, Mitt.

H. arcuatum, Lindb.

On rocks at Canaan Forks, Queen's Co., N.B. (J. Moser.) Greenland. (Fl. Gr.) Miquelon Island. (DelÓmare.) Topsail Harbor, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.)

(888.) H. Renauldii, Kindb. (n. sp.)

Agrees with H. curvifolium in the stem being more or less pinnate, the inner basal leaf cells finally yellow; with H. Lindbergii in the leaves being decurrent, alar cells very much dilated, the capsule not plicate in a dry state; differs from both in the entire leaves. Hyynum pra-tense differs in the leaves not being striate nor decurrent, and alar cells not evolute.

On earth at Sicamous, B.C.; on wet ground and old logs at Revel-stoke, B.C.; on rocks, Sydenham River, Owen Sound, Ont.; on earth, near the small lake north of the Aylmer Road, Hull, Que.; on earth at Hunter's River, Prince Edward Island. (Macoun.) On earth, Canaan Forks, Queen's Co., N.B. (J. Moser.) New Harbor and St. Johns, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.)

(889.) H. curvlfolium, Hedw.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 396; Canadian Musci, No. 353; Drumm. Musc. Bor. - Am., No. 197.

Miquelon Island. (Delaware.) Topsail Harbor, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) Bass River, N.B. (Fowler's Cat.) On logs,

Tobique River, N.B. (Hay.) Decayed logs, River Rouge, Argenteuil Co., Que. (D' Urban.) On earth at Truro, N.S.; on old logs at Ottawa; abundant on logs by swamps at Belleville, Wooler, Port Dover and Leamington, Ont.; on rocks at Nepigon River, Ont. (Macoun.) Prospect Creek, B.C. (Dawson.) Vicinity of London, Ont. (J. Dearness.) Moist shady places in Upper Canada (Ontario.) (Drum-mond.)

(890.) H pratense, Koch, MS.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of X. America, 397; Canadian Musci, No. 354.

H. amoenum, Drumm. Musc. Bor. - Am. No. 196, in part.

Heart's Delight, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) On earth Canaan Forks, Queen's Co., N.B. (J. Moser.) Swamps near Carlton House. (Drummond.) On earth west of the Fraser River at Quesnel, B.C.; also at Comox, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Greenland. (Fl. Gr.)

(891.) H. pseudo-pratense, Kindb. (n. sp.)

Nearly allied to Hypnum pratense. Differs in the tufts being more compact, the branches radiculose below, the leaves more crowded, not decurrent, more distinctly denticulate near the apex, and in the monoecious inflorescence. Capsules not found.

On old logs in woods at the mouth of Sturgeon Creek, Leamington, Lake Erie, Ont., September 19th, 1890. (Macoun.)

(892.) H. Bambergeri, Schimp.; Lesq. & James, Mosses of N. America, 397.

Beechy Island and Wellington Channel. (Lyall fide Mitten.) Greenland. (Fl. Gr.)