An easy walk of some three and a half hours from Bex, in the Rhone Valley, this garden is admirably situated at Pont de Nant amid sheltered, park-like pastures above Les Plans and at the foot of the giant cliffs of the Grand Muveran. To the west lies the Dent de Morcles and Glacier de Martinet; to the east, Les Diablerets and the Col des Essets; while to the north is the lovely wooded gorge of the Avancon and the distant mountains of Savoy. Subsidized by the Canton de Vaud, and affiliated to the University of Lausanne, this garden is strictly scientific. But it is none the less beautiful for that, and in the middle of May it was redolent of joyous colour. Brilliant canary-yellow patches of the grey-green, moss-like Aretia Vitaliana; deep pink groups of Primula rosea; graceful little creamy-white bushes of Daphne Blagayana from Bosnia; intense blue-purple tufts of Viola Calcarata; compact, pure white masses of Saxifraga Salomonii and Saxifraga Petraschii; and bright chrome patches of Erysimum. Kotschyanum were aglow among the rocks in the hot midday sunshine. Regiments, too, of Primula Cashmeriana from India were rearing their erect, round heads above the lovely magenta flowers of Primula calycina from Lombardy, and the clear yellow clumps of Draba Olympica diversifolia from Armenia, and Draba bruniaefolia from Persia; whilst many another Primula and Saxifrage was adding its pure and lively colouring to a scene which was gay indeed, backed and enhanced as it was by the blue-grey haze enveloping the distant forests and glacier. In spite of the garden's scientific arrangement, its appeal to the mere lover of beauty is irresistible. How, indeed, could it be otherwise? - how could such lovely subjects be planted amid such lovely surroundings without the result being lovely? At this season of the year, moreover, everything noticeable among the plants is so diminutive, so refined, so typical of Alpine circumstance; resplendent asceticism: * sanctity which shames our religions, and reality which discredits our heroes!'