* Flowers somewhat irregular or unegual-petaled.

E. angustifolium: stems simple or scarcely branched, 2-4 feet high, glabrous; leaves shortly stalked, lanceolate, entire; flowers large, purplish-red, in long terminal, sometimes branched, racemes, the petals slightly unequal, entire, spreading from the base, the stamens and styles inclined downwards; pod 1-2 inches long. - French Willow, or Rosebay. - Moist open woods. Fl. July, August.

** Flowers regular, the petals equal. † Stigma deeply four-lobed.

E. hirsutum: stems stout, branched, 3-5 feet high, softly hairy; leaves lanceolate, hairy, clasping the stem, bordered with small teeth; flowers large, handsome, deep rose-colour; the petals erect, deeply notched; pod very long, quadrangular, hairy. - Codlins and Cream. - Sides of ditches and rivers. Fl. July.

E. montanum: stems erect, simple or slightly branched, 1/2-1 foot or more high, cylindrical, without decurrent lines or angles, glabrous or slightly hoary; leaves shortly stalked, or almost sessile, ovate or broadly-lanceolate, toothed; flower-buds erect or slightly nodding, the petals pink, deeply-notched; pod slender, 2-3 inches long. - Waste and cultivated places, roadsides, woods, etc. Fl. July.

E. parviflorum differs chiefly in its softly hairy stem, narrower short-stalked leaves, and rather larger flowers. It is not unlike E. hirsutum on a smaller scale, and is distinguishable from it by its much smaller flowers.

†† Stigma club-shaped, entire.

E. tetragonum: stems erect, often branched, 1-2 feet high, glabrous or hoary with a very short down, more or less angular from raised lines descending on each side from the margins of the leaves; leaves sessile, narrow, and toothed; flowers small, in terminal leafy racemes, the buds erect, the petals pale pink, deeply notched; pod often very long. - Wet ditches and watery places. Fl. July.

E. palustre: stems round, 1/2-1 1/2 feet high; leaves narrow, lance-shaped, sessile, entire or not much toothed; flowers small, pale-coloured, in short terminal racemes, the buds nodding. - Boggy places, and watery ditches. Fl. July.

E. alsinifolium: stems frequently branched, seldom more than six inches high; leaves very shortly stalked, ovate, toothed; flowers large, purplish, in very short, leafy racemes, the buds nodding. - Alpine rivulets and springs. Fl. July.

E. alpinum: stems slender, 2-5 inches high, decumbent and much branched, glabrous; leaves stalked, small, ovate or lanceolate, usually obtuse and entire; flowers rather large, growing in the axils of the upper leaves, and forming short leafy racemes, the buds nodding, the petals notched; pod 1-2 inches long, narrowed at the base into a long stalk. - Alpine rills, and wet places in mountain ranges. Fl. July.