V. Lantana: shrub, much branched, covered with soft, mealy down; leaves ovate, cordate at the base, with small pointed teeth, whitish and downy beneath; flowers small, white, in dense cymes, 2-3 inches across; berries oblong, purplish-black. - Wayfaring Tree. - Woods and hedges. Fl. May.

V. Opulus: shrub, everywhere glabrous; leaves divided into 3-5 broad, angular, pointed, coarsely-toothed lobes, the slender leafstalks beset with glands; flowers white, in cymes, the outer ones becoming enlarged, and perfectly barren; berries globular, blackish-red. - Guelder Rose. - Hedges and coppices. Fl. June, July. The Guelder Rose seen in shrubberies is a variety, in which all the flowers are enlarged and barren, and the cyme becomes globular.