S. Dulcamara: stem shrubby at the base, with straggling branches; leaves stalked, ovate or ovate-lanceolate, broadly cordate at the base, entire, or sometimes with an additional smaller segment on one or both sides, glabrous or downy; flowers small, purple, with yellow anthers, in loose cymes, on lateral peduncles shorter than the leaves; berries small, ovoid, red. - Bitter-sweet. - Hedges and thickets. Fl. June, July.

S. nigrum: annual; stems erect, about a foot high, with spreading branches, glabrous or nearly so; leaves stalked, ovate with coarse angular teeth; flowers small, white, in contracted cymes on short, lateral peduncles; berries small, globular, black. - A common weed of cultivation. Fl. June to September.