* Stems erect.

L. vulgaris: stems 1-3 feet high, glaucous green; leaves crowded, linear or narrow-lanceolate; flowers large, yellow, forming a short handsome terminal raceme; spur of the corolla long and pointed; the projecting palate of the lower lip of a bright orange colour, completely closing the tube. - Hedges, and borders of fields. Fl. June, July.

L. minor: annual; stems much branched, 3-4 inches high, slightly glandular, downy; leaves linear, obtuse; flowers very small, on long axillary peduncles, pale purple or violet, with a short blunt spur. - A weed of cultivation. Fl. June to August.

** Stems trailing.

L. Cymbalaria: stems slender, glabrous, trailing, often rooting at the nodes; leaves stalked, nearly reniform, broadly 5-lobed, almost fleshy; flowers small, axillary, pale lilac, with a rather short spur, the palate yellowish. - Old walls, and stony places, naturalized. Fl. all the year.

L. spuria: annual; stems hairy, slender, branching, prostrate, 1/4-1 foot long; leaves broadly ovate or orbicular; flowers solitary, in the axils of the upper smaller leaves, small yellowish, with a purple upper lip, the spur slender, recurved. - Cornfields. Fl. July, September.

L. Elatine, also a weed of cultivation, closely resembles this, but is still more slender; leaves angular or hastate at the base, the lowermost ovate, the peduncles more slender, glabrous, and the spur of the corolla straight.