S. herbacea: annual; stems erect, glabrous, succulent, jointed, leafless, six inches high, with few erect branches, or when luxuriant branching from every joint: often procumbent and rooting, extending to a foot or more, and in favourable situations hardening and acquiring the appearance of under-shrubs, but probably not lasting beyond the second year; flowers immersed in the upper joints forming terminal, succulent, cylindrical spikes, each joint having six flowers, three in a triangle on each side, the perianth succulent, flat, nearly closed at the top, the stamens protruding through the minutely three- or four-toothed orifice; style included, divided into 2-3 stigmas; nut enclosed in the unchanged, succulent perianth. - Salt-marshes and muddy sea-shores. Fl. August, September.