E. cicutarium: annual; forming a dense hairy tuft, the stems short, or sometimes 1/2-1 foot long; leaves mostly radical, on long stalks, pinnate, the leaflets deeply pinnatifid, with narrow more or less cut lobes; peduncles erect, bearing an umbel of 10-12 small purple or pink flowers; carpels slightly hairy. - Waste and cultivated lands. Fl. June to September.

E. moschatum is a larger and coarser plant, with a strong smell of musk; it has ovate leaflets, and umbels of numerous bluish-purple flowers, and is found in sandy, waste places, especially near the sea.

E. maritimum is distinguished by having simple, toothed, not pinnate leaves, and 1-2-flowered peduncles; the flowers reddish-purple; it grows in maritime sands.