L. Salicaria: stems erect, 2-4 feet high, slightly branched, glabrous or softly downy; leaves opposite, or in threes, sessile, clasping the stem, lanceolate, entire; flowers reddish-purple or pink, in rather dense whorls, forming handsome terminal spikes, more or less leafy at the base, the upper floral leaves reduced to bracts. - Wet ditches and marshy places. Fl. July, August.

(99) Peplis. Water Purslane. P. Portula: annual; stems slightly branched, creeping and rooting at the base, seldom more than 2-3 inches high, often tufted; leaves obovate or oblong, tapering into a stalk; flowers minute, sessile in the axils of nearly all the leaves. - Ditches, and moist watery places. Fl. July, August.