By Elizabeth Glover. 16mo, cloth decorated, gilt top, $1.00.

The author writes with genuine sympathy and insight into the minds and hearts of young people, and pleases while she teaches how to please. Whoever reads this book is for the moment at least under the tutelage of that best of teachers - a wise, gentle, and sympathetic woman.

"It is an excellent book for shy, diffident, or self-conscious young people and, in truth, has many a suggestion which might be adopted with profit by men and women everywhere." - Brooklyn Times.

" It is the expression of a genuine and intelligent sympathy, and its practical suggestions are eminently judicious." - Congre-gationalist.

"Some very wise and pertinent observations are voiced and some valuable suggestions made. Something more than a superficial view of the matter is taken, involving an analysis of the springs of human action." - Detroit Free Press.

" The subject is dealt with with a wisdom that will be appreciated by young and old alike." - New York Times.

" The book is full of potential suggestion and living thought, good for the soul, because it teaches how to live." - Minneapolis Journal.

" A text-book for persons who are so unfortunate as not to be popular." - New York Press.

"A friendly and faithful mentor, hardly a page that does not shine with some jewel of thought." - Christian Advocate.

" An unusual little book." - Review of Reviews.

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