With The Wild Flowers, From Pussy-Willow To Thistle-Down

A rural chronicle of our flower friends and foes, describing them under their familiar English names. By E. M. Hardinge. 16mo, cloth, illustrated. $1.00.

This book is a delightfully chatty volume, carrying us through the whole season with the wild flowers as they make their appearance. It is intended for those who love flowers as flowers, and who like to read about them without getting into too close contact with technical terms and classifications.

The author is well known as a writer for the New York "Evening Post" and the magazines, and her articles are gladly welcomed by those who like both nature and literature.

The Amateur Aquarist

By Mark Samuel, Aquarist to Columbia College, New York. 16mo, cloth, illustrated. $1.00.

An American aquarium book indispensable to every one who wishes to start an aquarium or who already has one. It contains complete instructions for making a new self-sustaining aquarium requiring change of water but once a year, and tells how, when, and where to find suitable water-plants and fishes. With over fifty new illustrations from life, by which to identify the specimens.

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