Lathyrus Sativus. Blue-Flowered Lathyrus, or Chichling-Vetch.

Class and Order:

Diadelphia Decandria.

Generic Character:

Stylus planus, supra villosus, superne latior. Calycis laciniae superiores 2 breviores.

Specific Character and Synonyms:

LATHYRUS sativus pedunculis unifloris, cirrhis diphyllis tetraphyllisque, leguminibus ovatis compressis dorso bimarginatis. Linn. Syst. Vegetab. ed. 14. Murr. p. 662.

LATHYRUS sativus, flore fructusque albo. Bauh. Pin. 343.

115 Lathyrus Sativus Blue Flowered Lathyrus or Chi
No. 115

A native of France, Spain, and Italy, and distinguishable when in flower by the blue colour of its blossoms, which are sometimes, however, milk-white; but its seed-pods afford a more certain mark of distinction, being unusually short, broad, and winged on the back.

This species grows to the height of about two feet, and is usually sown in the spring with other annuals; though not so beautiful, it forms a contrast to the sweet and Tangier Pea, and may be introduced where there is plenty of room, or a desire of possessing and knowing most of the plants of a genus.

It flowers in June and July.

Cultivated 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. Ait. Hort. Kew.