Lupinus Luteus. Yellow Lupine.

Class and Order:

Diadelphia Decandria.

Generic Character:

Calyx 2-labiatus. Antherae 5 oblongae, 5 subrotundae. Legumen coriaceum.

Specific Character and Synonyms:

LUPINUS luteus calycibus verticillatis appendiculatis: labio superiore bipartito; inferiore tridentato. Linn. Syst. Vegetab. ed. 14. Murr. p. 656.

LUPINUS sylvestris, flore luteo. Bauh. Pin. 348.

The Yellow Lupine. Park. Parad. p. 336.

140 Lupinus Luteus Yellow Lupine
No. 140

The present, with many other species of Lupine, is very generally cultivated in flower gardens, for the sake of variety, being usually sown in the spring with other annuals; where the flower-borders are spacious, they may with propriety be admitted, but as they take up much room, and as their blossoms are of short duration, they are not so desirable as many other plants.

It is a native of Sicily, and flowers in June and July.

We have often thought that the management of the kitchen garden, in point of succession of crops, might be advantageously transplanted to the flower garden; in the former, care is taken to have a regular succession of the annual delicacies of the table, while in the latter, a single sowing in the spring is thought to be all-sufficient; hence the flower garden, which in August, September, and part of October, might be covered with a profusion of bloom, exhibits little more than the decayed stems of departed annuals.