Pelargonium Glutinosum. Clammy Crane's Bill.

Class and Order:

Monadelphia Heptandria.

Generic Character:

Calyx 5-partitus: lacinia suprema definente in tubulum capillare nectariferum fecus pedunculum decurrentem. Corolla pentapetala, irregularis. Filamenta 10 inaequalia, quorum 3 raro 5 castrata. Fructus pentacoccus, rostratus, rostra spiralia introrsum barbata.

Specific Character and Synonyms:

PELARGONIUM glutinosum umbellis paucifloris foliis cordatis hastato-quinquangulis viscosis. L'Herit. Ger. Ait. Hort. Kew. v. 2. p. 426.

GERANIUM glutinosum. Jacq. ic. collect. 1. p. 85.

GERANIUM viscosum. Cavanill. Diss. 4. p. 246. t. 108. f. 2.

143 Pelargonium Glutinosum Clammy Crane s Bill
No. 143

The leaves of this species exhibit, on being touched, a manifest viscidity, or clamminess, which, independent of their shape, serves to characterize the species; the middle of the leaf is also in general stained with purple, which adds considerably to its beauty; but this must be regarded rather as the mark of a variety, than of the species.

With most of its congeners, it is a native of the Cape, and of modern date in this country, being introduced to the royal garden at Kew, by Messrs. Kennedy and Lee, in the year 1777.

It flowers from May to September; is readily propagated by cuttings, and sometimes raised from seeds, from whence several varieties have been produced.