Pulmonaria Virginica. Virginia Lungwort.

Class and Order:

Pentandria Monogynia.

Generic Character:

Corolla infundibuliformis fauce pervia. Calyx prismatico-pentagonus.

Specific Character and Synonyms:

PULMONARIA Virginica calycibus abbreviatis, foliis lanceolatis obtusiusculis. Linn. Syst. Veg. ed. 14. Murr. p. 187.

PULMONARIA non maculosa, floribus tubulosis longis pulcherrimis caeruleis, in panicula pendula congestis, foliis teneribus glabris latis obtusis, ad margines aequalibus, pediculis dilute purpureis infidentibus, radice crassa instar symphyti. Mountain Cowslip. Clayt. Gron. Fl. Virg. p. 25.

160 Pulmonaria Virginica Virginia Lungwort
No. 160.

Miller informs us in his Dictionary, that the Pulmonaria Virginica grows naturally upon mountains in most parts of North-America, that the seeds were sent many years since by Mr. Banister, from Virginia; and some of the plants were raised in the garden of the Bishop of London, at Fulham, where for several years it was growing.

Though a native of Virginia, it ranks with the hardy herbaceous plants of our gardens, and flowers in the open border about the middle of April; the blossoms before their expansion are of a reddish purple colour, when fully blown they become of a light bright blue, the foliage is glaucous, or blueish green; it is said to vary with white and flesh-coloured flowers.

In favourable seasons, the Flower-Garden owes much of its gaiety to this elegant plant, and at a time when ornament is most desirable.

It requires a pure air, and a situation moderately sheltered, as the cold easterly winds which too readily prevail in April, when it is in flower, are apt to deface it.

It is usually propagated by parting its roots in autumn, and is a free grower.