Hypericum Coris. Heath-Leaved. St. John's-Wort.

Class and Order:

Polyadelphia Polyandria.

Generic Character:

Cal. 5-phyllus. Petala 5. Nect. 0. Capsula.

Specific Character and Synonyms:

HYPERICUM Coris floribus trigynis, calycibus serrato-glandulosis, foliis subverticillatis. Linn. Syst. Veget. ed. 14. Murr. p. 702.

CORIS lutea. Bauh. pin. 280.

CORIS legitima, Ericae similis. Hon. Belli, ep. 1. ad Cluj. Clus. op. V. 1. p. 299.

CORIS. Matthioli 939.

178 Hypericum Coris Heath Leaved St John s Wort
No. 178.

There is an elegance and neatness in most of this tribe, and none possess those qualities in a greater degree than the present species, which is a charming little evergreen, admirably adapted for the greenhouse, as it forms a pretty bulb, and flowers during most of the summer.

It grows spontaneously in the South of Europe, and many parts of the Levant; Honorius Bellus, in his epistle Clusius (vid. Clus. op.) describes it as growing on the hilly parts of the island of Crete.

Mr. Lee, of Hammersmith, received it about four years since from the Crimea.

It is propagated by cuttings.