Tanacetum Flabelliforme. Fan-Leaved Tansy.

Class and Order:

Syngenesia Polygamia Superflua.

Generic Character:

Recept. nudum. Pappus submarginatus. Cal. imbricatus, hemisphaericus. Cor. radii obsoletae, trifidae. Linn. (interdum nullae omnesque flosculi hermaphroditi.) Murr.

Specific Character and Synonyms:

TANACETUM flabelliforme corymbis simplicibus, foliis deltoidibus apice serratis. L'Herit. Sert. Angl. t. 27. Ait. Hort. Kew. V. 3. p. 169.

212 Tanacetum Flabelliforme Fan Leaved Tansy
No. 212.

There is a neatness in the appearance of this plant, which joined to the singular form of its foliage, varying also from the general hue, entitles it to a place in the green-house.

Mr. Masson discovered it at the Cape, and introduced it here in 1774. Ait. Kew.

It flowers from May to August, grows freely, and is usually propagated by cuttings.