Cyrtanthus Angustifolius. Narrow-Leaved Cyrtanthus

Class and Order:

Hexandria Monogynia.

Generic Character:

Cor. tubulosa, clavata, curva, 6-fida, laciniae ovato-oblongae. Filamenta tubo inserta, apice conniventia. Linn. Fil.

Specific Character and Synonyms:

CYRTANTHUS angustifolius foliis obtuse carinatis rectis, floribus cernuis, Linn. Fil. Ait. Kew. v. i. p. 414.

CRINUM angustifolium foliis linearibus obtusis, corollis cylindricis: laciniis alternis interglandulosis. Linn. Suppl. 195.

271 Cyrtanthus Angustifolius Narrow Leaved Cyrtant

No. 271.

Cyrtanthus is a genus which takes its name from the curvature of its flower, was established by the younger Linnaeus, and adopted by Mr. Aiton in the Hortus Kewensis.

The present species is a native of the Cape, and was added to the royal collection at Kew, by Mr. Masson, in the year 1774. The plant from whence our drawing was made flowered the preceding May with Mr. Whitley, Nurseryman, Old Brompton, who received it from Holland, and who has been so fortunate as to obtain young plants of it from seed.

It flowers in May and June; requires the same treatment as other Cape bulbs, and may be increased by offsets and seeds.

At the extremity of each alternate segment of the corolla there is a kind of small glandular hook, deserving of notice.