Browallia elata. Tall Browallia.

Class and Order:

Didynamia Gymnospermia.

Generic Character:

Cal. 5-dentatus. Cor. limbus 5-fidus, aequalis, patens:
umbilico clauso Antheris 2, majoribus. Caps. 1-locularis.

Specific Character and Synonyms:

BROWALLIA elata pedunculis unifloris multiflorisque. Lin. Syst. Vegetab. p. 572. Sp. Pl. 880. Mill. Dict.

34 Browallia elata Tall Browallia

Of this genus there are only two species, both natives of South-America, the elata, so called from its being a much taller plant than the demissa, is a very beautiful, and not uncommon stove or green-house plant; it is impossible, by any colours we have, to do justice to the brilliancy of its flowers.

Being an annual, it requires to be raised yearly from seed, which must be sown on a hot-bed in the spring, and the plants brought forward on another, otherwise they will not perfect their seeds in this country. Some of these may be transplanted into the borders of the flower-garden which are warmly situated, where, if the season prove favourable, they will flower and ripen their seeds; but, for security's sake, it will be prudent to keep a few plants in the stove or green-house.

As these plants have not been distinguished by any particular English name, Miller very properly uses its Latin one; a practice which should as much as possible be adhered to, where a genus is named in honour of a Botanist of eminence.