Colutea Arborescens. Tree Colutea, or Bladder Senna.

Class and Order:

Diadelphia Decandria.

Generic Character:

Calyx 5-fidus. Legumen inflatum, basi superiore dehiscens.

Specific Character and Synonyms:

COLUTEA arborescens arborea foliolis obcordatis. Lin. Syst. Vegetab. p. 668.

COLUTEA vesicaria. Bauh. Pin. 396.

The greater Bastard Senna with bladders. Park. Par. 440.

81 Colutea Arborescens Tree Colutea or Bladder Sen
No. 81

The Bladder Senna, a native of the South of France and Italy, produces a profusion of bloom from June to August, when its inflated pods please from the singularity of their appearance; on these accounts, it is one of the most common flowering shrubs cultivated in gardens and plantations.

"It is propagated by sowing its seeds any time in the spring in a bed of common earth; and when the plants are come up, they must be kept clear from weeds, and the Michaelmas following they should be transplanted either into nursery-rows, or in the places where they are designed to remain; for if they are let grow in the seed-bed too long, they are very subject to have tap roots, which render them unfit for transplanting; nor should these trees be suffered to remain too long in the nursery before they are transplanted, for the same reason." Miller's Gard. Dict.

We have learned by experience, that a very wet soil will prove fatal to these shrubs.