1. Pentstemon Hirsutus (L.) Willd. Hairy Beard-Tongue

Fig. 3755

Chelone hirsuta L. Sp. Pl. 611. 1753.

P. pubescens Soland. in Ait. Hort. Kew. 3: 360. 1789.

Pentstemon hirsutus Willd. Sp. Pl. 3: 227. 1801.

Stem slender, erect, downy nearly or quite to the base, 1°-3° high. Leaves puberulent or glabrous, denticulate or the uppermost entire, the basal oblong or ovate, obtusish at the apex, 2' - 4 1/2' long, -2' wide, narrowed into petioles, the upper sessile, lanceolate, mostly acuminate, sessile or slightly clasping; inflorescence thyrsoid, rather loose, glandular-pubescent; pedicels mostly short; corolla purplish or violet, the tube gradually dilated above, 2-grooved on the lower side, about 1' long, the throat nearly closed by the villous palate at the base of the lower lip; sterile filament densely bearded for about one-half its length.

In dry woods and thickets, Maine to Ontario, Florida, Minnesota, Alabama and Missouri. Erroneously recorded from Texas. May-July.

2. Pentstemon Canescens Britton. Gray Beard-Tongue

Fig. 3756

Pentstemon laevigatus var. canescens Britton, Mem.

Torr. Club 2: 30. 1890. P. canescens Britton, Mem. Torr. Club 5: 291. 1894.

Densely and finely canescent or puberulent, or the leaves sometimes nearly glabrous; stem rather stout, 1°- 3° high. Leaves denticulate, the lower and basal ones oval, obtuse, narrowed into long margined petioles, the next 1 or 2 pairs contracted below the middle and somewhat fiddle-shaped, 3'-6' long, the upper ovate or ovate-lanceolate, acuminate, clasping; thyrsus elongated, open, glandular-pubescent, leafy-bracted below; pedicels very short; calyx-segments lanceolate, acuminate; corolla purple or nearly white, about 1' long, slightly or not at all bearded in the throat; sterile filament slightly bearded for about one-third its length; capsule ovoid, glabrous, longer than the calyx.

In dry woods, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina to western Kentucky. Recorded from Missouri. May-June.

2 Pentstemon Canescens Britton Gray Beard Tongue 4272 Pentstemon Canescens Britton Gray Beard Tongue 428

3. Pentstemon Pallidus Small. Pale Beard-Tongue

Fig. 3757

Pentstemon pallidus Small, Fl. SE. U. S. 1060. 1903.

Puberulent, or sometimes canescent-puberulent; stem 3° - 9° tall. Basal and lower stem-leaves with oblong elliptic or nearly spatulate blades; upper stem-leaves few, the blades oblong, lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, rather remotely toothed, partly clasping; panicles narrow; calyx-segments ovate, becoming triangular, acute, closely puberulent or pubescent during anthesis; corolla white or purplish, 9" - 10" long, the tube rather gradually dilated, the throat sparingly bearded; sterile filament bearded with very short hairs.

In sandy soil or swamps, Connecticut and New York to Missouri, Florida and Oklahoma. June-July.