This is one of the commonest kinds and is quite handsome, from two to five feet high, with leafy, branching stems and alternate, lance-shaped leaves, from two to five inches long, usually toothless, without leaf-stalks. The many flowers are an inch or more across,' with yellow centers and white, violet, or purple rays, the bracts of the involucre in several rows, with short and rounded tips. This is rather variable. A. radulinus, Broad-leaf Aster, has stiff, rough leaves, sharply toothed towards the broad tips, and usually many flowers, an inch or so across, with whitish rays. This is rather common on dry hills in California and Oregon, blooming in summer and autumn. A. Andersoni, of Yosemite, has toothless, grasslike root-leaves and one beautiful flower, an inch across, with purple rays.

African Senecio   S. elegans

African Senecio - S. elegans. CHICORY FAMILY. Cicormceae.