This is a coarse plant, smooth, or rather sticky and hairy, with several stout, square stems, and forming a large clump, from two to six feet high. The little flowers have a quaint appearance, but are usually only about a quarter of an inch long, with brownish-red or greenish corollas, which are neither pretty nor conspicuous, but the variety floribiinda, of southern California, has flowers which are nearly half an inch long, with rich red corollas, handsome and brilliant in effect. These plants yield a great deal of honey and are common and widely distributed. There are several kinds of Diplacus, much resembling Mimulus, except that they are shrubs, with evergreen leaves.

California Bee plant. Scrophularift Californica. var.floribunda

California Bee-plant. ScrophulariftCalifornica.-var.floribunda. FIGWORT FAMILY. Scrophulariaceae.