A quaint little desert plant, only two or three inches tall, with thickish, pale gray-green leaves, covered with close white down, and pretty little flowers, growing singly at the ends of tiny branches, each half an inch across, with a yellow center and pure white rays, which fold back at night. These little flowers are too small to be very conspicuous, but are charming in effect, sprinkled over the bare sand, and when growing in quantities on nearly bare mesas give a whitish appearance to the ground.

White Tidy tips  B.glandulosus. Yellow Tidy tips Blepharipappus elegang. Pentachaeta aurea

White Tidy-tips -B.glandulosus. Yellow Tidy-tips-Blepharipappus elegang. Pentachaeta aurea. SUNFLOWER FAMILY. Compositae.