A pretty plant, from six inches to three feet tall, with a stiff stem, often branching towards the top, and rather dull green leaves, blunt, oblong and clasping at base, about an inch long, thin in texture, with black dots on the margins. The flowers are from half an inch to an inch across, with bright yellow petals, dotted with black, and are very pretty, but not so handsome as the last. This grows in moist places, chiefly in the mountains, and is common in Yosemite.

St. Johns wort. Hypericum formosum var Scouleri. Creeping St.John's wort  H.anagalloides

St. Johns-wort. Hypericum formosum var Scouleri. Creeping St.John's-wort- H.anagalloides. FOUQUIERA FAMILY. Fouquieriaceae.