In the Sierra woods, and along Yosemite roadsides, in summer we see the purplish-pink blossoms and nodding buds of this attractive plant, resembling the Wild Geranium of the East, growing from thick, perennial roots, with hairy, branching stems, from one to two feet high. The hairy leaves, with three or five, toothed lobes, are fragrant like cultivated geraniums; the flowers, over an inch across, are hairy inside, the petals veined with magenta. They are occasionally white and the plants vary in size and hairiness. G. furcdtum, of the Grand Canyon, has magenta petals, which turn back more.

Geranium incisum Wild Geranium G Fremontii

Geranium incisum Wild Geranium-G Fremontii. GERANIUM FAMILY. Geraniaceae.