This makes heather-like patches on rocks and has many rough, woody stems, crowded with yellowish-green leaves, shorter and broader than those of Red Heather. The drooping flowers are about three-eighths of an inch long, with a hairy, greenish-yellow calyx and yellowish corolla, something between cream and pale-lemon in color. At a distance the effect of the flowers is much more yellow than close by, but they are not so pretty as either the red or white heathers.

There are several kinds of Cassiope, named for the mother of Andromeda, resembling Heather; the sepals four or five, without bracts at the base; the corolla bell-shaped, with four or five lobes; differing from Phyllodoce in capsule, form of corolla and filaments.

Red Heather P. Breweri. Red Heather P. empetriformis. Yellow Heather  Phyllodoce glanduliflora

Red Heather-P. Breweri. Red Heather-P. empetriformis. Yellow Heather- Phyllodoce glanduliflora. WINTERGREEN FAMILY. Pyrolaceae.