Brassica nigra.

Mustard Family. June - Sept.

A plant 2 - 5 feet high, found in fields and roadsides. Naturalized from Europe. Common throughout United States.


Yellow, 4-parted, in loose clusters terminating branches. Seed pods about 1/2 inch long, 4-sided, lying close to the stem.


Variously lobed and toothed, terminal lobe largest.

Black Mustard.

Black Mustard.

Yellow Rocket. Winter Cress

Herb of St. Barbara: Yellow Bitter, or Rocket Cress.

Barbarea vulgaris.

Mustard Family. Apr. - June.

Flowers similar to those of preceding; seed pods long, curved. Upper leaves stemless, lower leaves usually in 5 divisions, terminal one largest. Lake Superior northward and westward; apparently introduced eastward.