Black-eyed Susan: Yellow or Ox-eye Daisy: Nigger-head: Golden Jerusalem.

Rudbeckia hirta. Composite Family. June - Sept.

A plant 1 - 3 feet tall, found in fields and open, sunny places. New England to Gulf States, Ontario and Northwest to Colorado.


Rays 10 - 20, yellow or orange-yellow, surrounding a conical, dark purplish-brown disk.


Nearly or quite toothless, lower leaves broader at the tip, 3-ribbed. Leaves and stems rough-hairy.

Cone flower.


Tall Cone-Flower

Green-headed Cone-flower: Thimble-weed. R. laciniata. Rays 6 - 10, yellow, slightly drooping, surrounding a greenish yellow disk. Leaves variously divided, lobed and toothed. A plant 3 - 10 feet tall. Found in moist thickets. Quebec to Montana, south to Gulf States.