Trillium undulatum.

Lily Family. May - June.

Found in rich woods. Quebec and Ontario to Georgia, west to Wisconsin and Missouri.


Solitary, 3 wavy-edged, white divisions marked with a crimson V at base.


Broad, in a whorl of 3 at the summit of stem, 8 - 15 inches high.

Painted Trillium.

Painted Trillium.

Nodding Trillium

Nodding Wake-Robin.

T. cernuum.


White, flower stem recurved so that the blossom hangs beneath the leaves.

Large-Flowered Trillium

Large-flowered Wake-Robin or White Wood-Lily.

T. grandiflorum. Found in same habitat, Western Vermont and Quebec to North Carolina, west to Minnesota and Missouri.


White, turning pink with age, divisions often 2 inches long.