Silver Cap: Lady's Ear-drop: Snap Weed: Wild Balsam: Wild Lady's Slipper. Impatiens biflora.

Touch-me-not Family. June - Sept.

A smooth-stemmed, branching plant, 2 - 5 feet high, found on brooksides and in moist, shady places. Nova Scotia to Oregon, south to Missouri and Florida.


Yellow, more or less spotted with reddish brown; sac longer than it is broad, tapering to an incurved spur. Seed pods burst when touched.


Long-stemmed, coarsely toothed.

Spotted Touch me not.

Spotted Touch-me-not.

Pale Touch-Me-Not

I. pallida.

Flowers pale yellow, sparingly dotted with reddish brown; sac broader than long with short spur. Most abundant northward.